Advance Earth Fill Compound | Backfill Earthing Compound

Earthway Technologies LLP has developed Backfill Earthing Compound, it maintains constant soil resistance and minimizes seasonal variation for the better working life of the grounding system.

Backfill Earthing Compound

Earthway's Backfill Earthing Compound is a mixture of minerals having the character of reducing the soil resistivity by absorbing & retaining moisture for longer periods by providing continuous resistance against corrosion. it maintained constant soil resistance and seasonal variation for the better working life of the grounding system, improving the conductivity of the earthing.


  • Non-corrosive
  • High conductivity
  • Moisture Booster and Minerals
  • Improve the electrical conductivity of the soil
  • maintain the soil resistivity

Here is some information about the Backfill Earthing Compound

Advance Earth Fill Compound (AEFC) is a product manufactured by Earthway Technologies LLP, located in Amravati, Maharashtra, India. This compound is designed to maintain consistent soil resistance and reduce seasonal variation contributing to better soil system function3.

AEFC is a mixture of minerals that reduce soil resistance by retaining and maintaining moisture for a long time4. This property provides continuous resistance to corrosion4. This compound is non-corrosive in nature, sparingly soluble in water, but highly hygroscopic. It can be produced in dry form or fibre form5.

This compound is used in commercial applications1 and is added to the soil around the ground electrode. This additive helps absorb moisture and prevent leakage through the earth system, providing security in residential, commercial and industrial applications3.

Our Backfill Earthing Compound is packed in PP bags and available pack sizes are 5KG, 10KG, 15KG and 25KG1. The price of the product is listed as 220 / bag1 and 110 / bag4 on different platforms.

In summary, Advance Earth Fill Compound by Earthway Technologies LLP is a valuable tool for improving the performance and longevity of earthworks. By solving the problem of ground resistance, it contributes to a safer and more reliable power grid.

Technical Specifications :

Physical state Powder form
colour Gray
odour odourless
Preferable soil condition Normal
Packaging Bag
Available Packaging 5kg,10kg,15kg,25kg
Anti-corrosive yes
Life longer


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