Copper Electrode For Earthing

EARTHWAY TECHNOLOGIES LLP is leading manufacturer of copper bonded earthing electrode in Amravati, Maharashtra. A copper bonded earthing electrode is a grounding system consisting of a steel core coated with a layer of high-conductivity copper.This combination provides mechanical strength and superior electrical conductivity , allowing efficient and smooth flow of current to the ground . This reduces the risk to electrical gears and human lives to a very high extend. 


Copper Electrode For Earthing protect against a stroke of lightning and cause the generation of fault current that has a high potential to damage the electrical gears. It damages electrical systems as well as human life. Therefore, the grounding or earthing system has become essential for dispersing fault currents, ensuring the safety and security of valuable electrical and electronic equipment.

Benefits of Copper Electrode For Earthing

  • CPRI Tested
  • 50 to 250 microns coating on low carbon steel electrode
  • Continues Electroplating over the Electrode results in copper conductivity at the outer section
  • Variation in size availability
  • Cost Effective
  • Less space is required at the time of installation
  • High Conduction on Outer Section
  • No Maintenance


  • Petrochemical, CNG, and Nuclear Facilities
  • Data Centre, Telecom and Broadcasters
  • Process control and automation
  • Government, Military, and defence
  • Substation, Wind turbines, Solar System


Technical Specification:

Base Material Low Carbon Steel
Base Coating Material Copper
Coating Material 99.9% Pure Electrolytic grade copper anode
Available Coating Thickness 50 to 250 Micron(Average)
Available Diameter(mm)  40,50,65
Available length (m) 1 meter to 3 meter
Terminal Dimension (optional) 40x6 ,50x6
Model Length Mtr Dia (Available)
3000MM CB 1 - - 65 50 40
2000MM CB 2 - - 65 50 40
1500MM CB 1.5 - - 65 50 40
1000MM CB 1 65 50 40


As Per Customized


Some Key Points About Copper Electrode For Earthing:


Copper is widely used for earthing electrodes due to its high conductivity (second only to silver), which allows for efficient dissipation of electrical currents into the ground.

Types of Copper Electrodes for Earthing:

  • Copper Rods: Solid copper rods are commonly used as electrodes. They come in various diameters and lengths, depending on the specific requirements of the grounding system.
  • Copper-Bonded Rods: These are steel rods with a layer of copper bonded to the surface. The combination of steel strength and copper conductivity provides a durable and efficient grounding solution.


  • Copper electrodes are typically installed vertically into the ground to maximize contact with the soil.
  • Proper installation depth is essential to ensure good conductivity, and it may vary based on factors such as soil resistivity.

Soil Conditions:

The effectiveness of a copper electrode depends on the conductivity of the surrounding soil. In areas with high resistivity, additional grounding measures may be required.

Corrosion Resistance:

Copper is resistant to corrosion, which is important for maintaining the long-term effectiveness of the grounding system.


Regular inspection of the grounding system is recommended to ensure that the copper electrode remains in good condition. Any corrosion or damage should be addressed promptly.


Copper electrodes should comply with relevant standards and regulations, such as those set by electrical codes and safety organizations.

Surge Protection:

In addition to providing a reliable ground, copper electrodes can also contribute to surge protection by providing a low-impedance path for transient currents.


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